The Chamber intends to create laboratory- an incubator of some sort with a wide array of services that can enhance the capability of the target beneficiaries.

The services include:

GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATION AND LINKAGES – BCCI is the principal organization representing industry and commerce in the province of Bohol. As the acknowledged representative of the business sector. It is represented in key government agencies such as Small and Medium Enterprise Development (SMED) Council as Chairman, Investment Promotions and Revenue Administration through Tax Computerization on USAID’s Governance On Local Democracy (GOLD) Project as Chairman, among others. It is consulted on matters and issues affecting commerce and industry.

POLICY ADVOCACY – BCCI has manifested its role and active stance to be a partner in government towards the pursuit of creating a vibrant local economy. It has been in the forefront of actively advancing opportunity issues at the same time opposing problem issues and concerns which specifically affects the business community and the Boholanos in general.

TRAININGS AND SEMINARS – Basic and advance management courses with emphasis on the technical, marketing and financial capabilities may be conducted as the need arises.

STUDIES AND RESEARCHES –Appropriate studies and research projects may be done to assist pioneering and expanding member companies.

BUSINESS CONSULTANCY – Adoption of the big brother – small brother program wherein the consultants/experts of the more advance and bigger member companies of the chamber extend their expertise to the smaller expertise – expertise on varying fields, on a need basis.

MARKETING ASSISTANCE – Assistance in marketing of products through pro-active linkages with other chambers and buyers.

INSTITUTIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND LINKAGES – Aside from ensuring its own growth as an organization, BCCI facilitates and assists in fast-tracking the development of sectoral associations.

INFORMATION SERVICE – BCCI provides information that will help members improve their individual business endeavors.