Mission Statement

Life Purpose

” The life purpose of the Chamber is to serve as catalyst in the development of legitimate businesses in Bohol.”


The Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry envisions itself to be a strong and dynamic chamber serving as “Voice” and “Nucleus” of business committed to the upliftment of the economic, political and social well-being of the Province of Bohol.

The Chamber commits itself to:

1. Forge a cohesive and participative business community;
2. Become partners with government in the implementation of policies and programs;
3. Establish strong and efficient network in business amidst local, regional and global context;
4. Integrate in its activities the social responsibilities of business towards the community; and
5. Respond to changing business environment and work towards sustainable development of new projects.


The Chamber has the following objectives and purposes:

1. To advance the well-being of the Province of Bohol so that its citizens and the business community shall prosper;
2. To foster closer relations, understanding, and cooperation among the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and service sectors of the local economy by unifying them into one strong and solid group for the better enhancement of economic growth and development of the province;
3. To promote self-regulation among all business sectors and provide for mediation and arbitration as the primary methods for the prompt settlement of business disputes, including labor-management disputes; and
4. To promote among its members work efficiency, quality standards, and improvement of productivity.