The surprising Asia-Pacific …

The surprising Asia-Pacific economies: PwC at the 2013 APEC CEO Summit 

Published on Oct 07,2013

No business would invest in a new economy without a grasp of the basics, like growth rates or natural resources.
But what about those other important factors that aren’t as easily captured by forecasters?
What future opportunities in Asia Pacific are top of mind for decision makers? In our 2013 APEC CEO Survey, we polled 478 respondents – 82% of whom are at the highest decision-making level of their organization. They shared their “dark-horse” pick with us – the Asia-Pacific economy they believe is likely to surprise with business opportunity in the next 3 to 5 years.
Here are the top picks in ranking order:
1.        Indonesia
2.        Myanmar
3.        China
4.        The Philippines
5.        Vietnam
6.        India
7.        United States
PwC’s APEC CEO Survey is the voice of business at the annual gathering of national leaders and business leaders of the 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). At this year’s APEC CEO Summit, October 5-7 in Bali, Indonesia, PwC International Ltd. Chairman Dennis Nally will highlight where businesses are investing; the degree to which rising middle incomes are influencing growth strategies; and views on business barriers and opportunities in the region.Follow our findings next week at

Colombia, Malaysia, Japan, and Russia tied 8th through 11th.
What’s behind their views? Expanding middle classes were often mentioned; ample natural resources drew others. Yet we also heard about increasing transparency and anti-corruption measures; the promise of youthful populations; infrastructure development plans; and political stability.