BCCI, Forefronts in Promoting Peace and Order

BCCI is also in the forefront in promoting peace and order in the City of Tagbilaran and in the Province of Bohol which in return boils down to the benefit not only to the businessmen but also the Boholanos in general . It has been very supportive to the formation of Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) Team in the province of Bohol to handle serious situations such as bank robbery, hostage crisis, prison riot, hijacking, bomb disposal, VIP Security, etc. And on September 18, 2008, the BCCI President was awarded a Plaque of Recognition by Police Director General Avelino Razon, Jr. for BCCI’s invaluable support to the PNP.

Concerns regarding the formation of SWAT team in Bohol was presented by Col. Edgardo Ingking and discussed during Board Meeting on June 10, 2008 at Jj’s Seafood Village. BCCI fully supports Bohol’s quest to come up with the 2nd Provincial SWAT team in the country.

Through BCCI’s initiative, the private sector committed P1.8 million of the total budget for equipment. This is in connection with BCCI’s continued partnership with the PNP in maintaining an atmosphere of safe business in the province, individually and collectively providing cellular phones, fax machines and personal computers to all municipality police precincts to improve communication and response time.

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