BCCI Hosts Fellowship Dinner for US Ambassador

BCCI Hosts Fellowship Dinner for US Ambassador

The Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry held a fellowship dinner for US Ambassador to the Philippines, Harry K. Thomas, Jr. who visited Bohol on September 5, 2013.  The ambassador and his party, members of the chamber, and officials from the Province of Bohol and Municipality of Panglao were served dinner at the Amorita Resort.

Bohol is a recipient of various programs financed by USAID.  Earlier that day, Governor Edgar Chatto unveiled an exhibit showcasing the USAID initiatives in Bohol for the past two decades.

The Loboc Brass Band performed their signature choreographed rendition of several popular songs.  The ambassador said that some of the songs reminded him of his hometown.  He likes jazz music.

Atty. Mans Tumanda, the BCCI President, presented the token of appreciation to the ambassador after the entertainment.

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